Take Videos of Yourself Dancing to Accelerate Your Progress

Does it seem to take forever to get better at dancing?

You may actually be getting worse, if you are reinforcing bad habits.

To get better faster, you have to practice the right things.

To practice the right things you need to (1) know what they are and (2) get feedback to make sure you are doing them correctly.

See this article for How to Evaluate Your Dance Instruction So You Know What to Do.

The two best places to get feedback are from a video camera and from your teacher.

Your dance teachers can help you a lot. Get as much feedback from your teachers as you can.

Videos are a great resource. Take videos of yourself dancing with others and while practicing alone. Watch yourself on video. You will pick up on many obvious things that you can correct.

You will also likely find that in certain circumstances you are not creating the appearance you want and you will not know what to do. In these cases, watch videos of other people that you want to copy. You can find many videos of great dancers on different websites. Run your video and their video side by side and compare yourself to them. Watch how they move their body and learn from them.

Find one thing that you are doing that you want to correct. See what the person that you like does. For example, if you do not know what to do with your hands, see what the person you want to copy does with his or her hands.

Your dance teacher can give you feedback and solutions that you might miss for yourself.

Welcome feedback from your dance partners. They can help you identify problem spots you need to address.

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