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Partnership Dancing is the first and only method for unambiguously communicating every step in every social dance in the same way with every person.

Partnership Dancing was invented to communicate the complex choreography of folk dances. The suprisingly simple rules of Partnership Dancing work for every social dance that we know.

We have tested Partnership Dancing on countless pieces of choreography for numerous different dances including: balboa, ballroom, bolero, cajun, cha cha, contra, country western, east coast swing, English country, folk, foxtrot, international, Israeli, lindy hop, mambo, merengue, rumba, samba, salsa, square, tango, two step, west coast swing, waltz, zydeco and more.

You only have to learn how to communicate once and you can communicate in any dance.

Partnership Dancing is the extraordinary replacement for Lead and Follow that has transformed how people dance together socially.

Partnership Dancing Rules Sheet

Anyone Can Easily Learn Partnership Dancing

Partnership Dancing is so simple that all the major rules fit on a single sheet of paper.

You can communicate every pattern in every social dance following the Three Laws of Partnership Dancing.

You will learn the principles of Partnership Dancing in an easy to remember framework of ABCD that you can apply to all your social dancing.

Partnership Dancing Is Safe, Comfortable and Natural

Partnership Dancing is based on how people naturally move and interact.

Since Partnership Dancing does not use pushing or pulling to communicate, often called pressure and tension, Partnership Dancing is safe, natural and comfortable, allowing you the maximum freedom of movement to improvise and express yourself to the music.

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