Partnership Dancing Book

From the Chapter on Balance

Partnership Dancing has three laws. The first is Balance, the second Connection and the third Direction.

By applying these three laws, you can unambiguously communicate the position and movement for the woman in every step of every dance.

Partnership Dancing is the first and only method of communicating every step in ever social dance unambiguously.

Partnership Dancing is the safest, most comfortable, most natural and easiest way to dance with a partner.

Partnership Dancing Ballroom, Swing, Salsa

Partnership Dancing works the same way with every partner for every social dance. You only need to learn to communicate once and you can communicate in every social dance with every person.

The ABCDs of Dancing with a Partner

Partnership Dancing is super simple. Anyone can learn Partnership Dancing in a short time.

The book Partnership Dancing explains the principles of communicating with your dance partner in an easy to remember framework of ABCD.

Partnership Dancing gives you the intellectual tools to evaluate the instruction you get in your dance classes.

When you learn Partnership Dancing you will understand more of what your teachers tell you, accelerate your progress and take your dancing to a new level.

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